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All cash offers in ANY condition

Don't Change a Thing!

We are able to buy your property as is, whether it was just built or is 100 years old. Whatever the condition is, we would love to connect with you to get a top dollar all cash offer in your hands. The better the condition the more money we can put straight towards your quote. We work on your timeline and can close as quick as you need or as far off as you want. 

Onsite offers for the highest quote

Let's Talk Face to Face

Anyone can look at a screen and give you some numbers, but we know your home is a lot more than an algorithm. We set up onsite real meet and greets at the property which allows us to give you a top dollar quote directly from our experts. Others may tell you a number on the phone but then lower the quote once they see it. With our walkthrough we are able to give you an honest and solid offer from the start, and we will never lower what we first came in at.

Hein Holdings Investments


Property Walk Through

One 10 minute walkthrough with you is all it takes for a top dollar quote.

Escrow and Title Fees Paid

We handle all the paperwork costs and make things streamlined and easy.

Large Coverage‏

We are more than just Modesto. We work through the whole Central Valley so wherever you are we got you covered!